Batman: Arkham City

Set in the crime-infested metropolis from the famous comic book Arkham city, Batman: Arkham City is considered the sequel of the outstanding Batman: Arkham Asylum game. As the sequel to the widely successful Arkham Asylum, it’s been a challenge for the game to expand on its predecessor not just in terms of moving to a new and wider environment, but also in terms of enhancing the overall style and mechanics of the game. Typically, Arkham City is a bigger game with a lot more things to explore, stuff to do, and sights to see.

What is Batman: Arkham City?

Arkham City is a semi-open world adventure with the main storyline surrounded by a lot of side quests, challenge missions, and a bunch of criminals that roam the stretch of Arkham. There are also some points wherein the game looks like it’s lost control, as the storyline moves on from one villain to another almost suddenly, to the point where you lose track of where you have to go and what you have to do. Although the game isn’t considerably better than its prequel, it can still be considered a really exceptional game.

Game Progression

If you’ve played Arkham Asylum before, you will immediately get a feel of Arkham City as its developer refined the core gameplay of the game and took it to a new level. Batman’s got a whole new set of counter attacks, as well as certain abilities that allow you to adapt to certain situations. Even though the system looks rather simple, you can expect the diversity of the battles to be rather interesting. Although you have the choice of sneaking past bad guys, the fun of seeing Batman whoop bad guys’ asses is without a doubt satisfying.

The story of the game starts some months after the events from the previous game took place. Within the prison walls, some of Batman’s greatest villains wage war against each other, all while being overseered by Hugo Strange. As Batman caught wind of Strange’s plan of a sinister project, he went on to investigate and come across various villains such as Catwoman, the Joker, Two Face, and more.

Design and Quality

Batman: Arkham City is without a doubt one of the most exciting games of 2011. Aside from its well-written story, popular characters, and amazing production values, you can expect amazing visuals and audio which make the game worth playing. Although Batman walks somewhat stiff, the fight scenes are quick and fluid. You can easily take down foes early on at the game with button mashing, but as you start facing tougher enemies and bosses later on, you will have to employ some strategies and abilities to subdue your foe.

Along with the game’s exceptional environment, high definition details, excellent use of lighting, and superior quality sound and voice acting, you will get to uncover more secrets and mysteries as you take on a lot of missions.


  • Excellent design with gritty Batman graphics
  • Rich storytelling
  • A mixture of stealth and hand-to-hand combat


  • The game’s atmosphere is inferior to its original


Above anything else, it’s the exploration and adventure side of the game that makes Arkham City a really extraordinary game. Boss fights look intimidating and dangerous at first, but once you get used to the combat, it might seem disappointingly easy on occasion. Although the game has its own share of negative feedback, it’s still without a doubt a really exciting and immersive game.