Battlefield 4

There are few games that can depict large-scale combat as well as Battlefield. Most games from the Battlefield series concern themselves with modern warfare, except the newest one, Battlefield 1. Battlefield 1 is one of the most popular and most innovative games of the series, but we mustn’t forget another superb installment in the series that is still being played by a large number of people, even though it came out four years ago.

This Is War

Of course, when speaking of Battlefield, the first thing we think of is – multiplayer. Indeed, the Battlefield series has become renowned for its multiplayer experience, maybe even more so than Call of Duty. The main attraction in these games has always been motorized warfare and a variety of vehicles you can employ to crush your opposition.

In Battlefield 4, this is more evident than ever. The game draws upon past experiences to create a diverse online experience, with naval warfare being as heavily employed as ground vehicles. Not only that, but certain maps can be flooded, giving boats access to the entirety of it, while infantry has to take care not to fall into the water and become sitting ducks.

But Battlefield 4 doesn’t stop there. Now, environment plays a greater role in combat than ever. A new whole new level of destructiveness has been introduced to Battlefield 4, and nearly every object and building is now destructible. This was also featured in Battlefield 3, but Battlefield 4 takes it to a new level. Moreover, destructible objects and other implements (such as closing prison doors or raising bollards to create a roadblock) make maps livelier and more dynamic, allowing the player to take full advantage over the enemy.

As far as game modes go, we can play the old modes, but also two new ones. There is the Defuse mode, in which there is no respawning, making good decisions and sharpshooting a necessity. The other mode is Destruction, which is very reminiscent of Counter-Strike, in that one team carries bombs and needs to blow up three different sites, but on a much larger scale. Here, vehicles play a huge part, as it allows for players to reach their objectives more quickly, and forces the opposition to react to them. There are Destruction maps without vehicles, but these aren’t as interesting, as teams get bogged down and unable to gain upper hand.

When it comes to the campaign, it is a mere distraction from the multiplayer. The story isn’t all that bad, and you have some really good, action-packed missions, but, there are clichés everywhere, and the character development we’ve seen in Battlefield 3 is much more toned down.


In the end, Battlefield 4 is one heck of a game to play online. As for the campaign, it should be played just so you can get a feel for the game. Just get that over quickly and jump into multiplayer – you’ll feel right at home there.