Call of Duty Black Ops 3

Few things are a constant – space, human stupidity, and Call of Duty. One of the most hated franchises today has got to be this once remarkable first person shooter. However, over the years, and over the yearly installments, the gamers’ patience has grown very thin, as the dev team behind the franchise doesn’t bring anything new to the table.

Even so, Black Ops 3 has its charms. Some new elements have been added to the game, which will keep you interested for several hours. There is also the zombie mode, a Call of Duty favorite, which changes the experience a little bit, and makes a fun experience when you’re playing with friends.

Same-Same – But Different – But Still Same

While Black Ops 1 and 2 did something new for the franchise, Black Ops 3 is a little bit boring. Yes, the dev team tried to make the game as diverse as possible by introducing new classes with exciting new abilities, and, while they certainly outdid themselves, they’re not nearly quick enough to let the players unlock the new classes as they ought to be. Multiplayer is, once again, the main attraction of the game, with maps being incredibly elaborate and vastly superior in design, and this is where the new abilities are really useful. These abilities allow the players to mix it up and achieve their objectives in numerous ways. Not only that, but certain classes perform much better in some game modes, while others are vastly superior to others.

However, you’re only given four classes in the beginning. More classes are unlocked as you play, but the rate at which you unlock them is very slow. On that note, you have about 10 hours of gameplay to go through, until you’re out of new content. After that, you’re stuck with pretty much the same old generic experience.

As for the main campaign, we’re thoroughly unimpressed. The story is same-same; uninspiring characters are combined with an intricate plot to bring you several hours of pretty much waiting of the cutscenes to be over so you can shoot things. Here, it’s the same old formula – shoot things until they die. Yes, your abilities introduce some variety, but the AI is very stupid and highly predictable and will react to your attacks the same every time, so the game isn’t challenging at all.

Like all Call of Duty games sine World at War, you have the zombie mode. Here’s where the dev team decided to mix it up. Four characters (one played by Jeff Goldbloom), team up to fend off mindless hordes of zombies. However, this time, in a 40s jazz inspired map, eldritch (Cthulhu-like) monsters attack the players too. On top of that, each new area brings a new challenge, and you have to learn quickly, or you will be overwhelmed. In the end, like we said before, this makes for an excellent experience if you’re playing with a few friends.


In the end, it’s another year, another Call of Duty. The franchise keeps going, whether the games like it or not. But, to be fair, Black Ops 3 does have a few memorable moments, but we’re still looking for that one game that will sweep us off the feet, just like Modern Warfare 1 and 2 did.