Oh boy, here we go killing again! There is nothing more satisfying than running around with your double-barreled shotgun shooting faces off of demons from hell, forcing your way through endless hordes and maybe pulling a switch or two. This is what DOOM is all about.

DOOM is one of the pioneers of the FPS genre, and, since its inception back in 1993, it has wowed players. While many FPSs grow dull over time (namely the Call of Duty franchise), killing hellspawn in DOOM, supported by a heavy metal soundtrack, never gets old.

Blood, Gore, and Buckshot

After the franchise has yielded three games with several expansions and mobile game spinoffs, enter 2016s DOOM. This time, an energy-hungry corporation, named Union Aerospace Corporation, opened a portal to hell to harness its energy. Naturally, the nasty fiends lurking there have only waited for such an opportunity, to make their way into our world. You, once more, step into the shoes of a nameless protagonist, and, with a shotgun in hand, you’re off to kill demons and close the portals both in hell and on Mars (yes, Mars).

As you can see, this is a rather classic story, with elements of human greed bringing ruin and doom (excuse the pun) upon mankind. The thirteen missions are pretty standard, nothing we haven’t seen before – but that’s not why we’re here, are we?

No, we’re here for the carnage, and that’s exactly what you get from the game. Rarely will a monster jump-scare you – instead, they will charge at you from across the map until there’s a whole mob of creatures at your position. And that’s when the fun starts.

You see, the favorite strategy of DOOM players is to collect as many enemies at one position and then fire a volley of explosives into them. DOOM 2016 gives you access to a variety of highly destructive weapons, all of which you can upgrade by slaying monster after monster, or explore the map. This is one of the aspects that you don’t find in other FPS games, as they’re pretty straight forward. In contrast, DOOM urges you to explore in order to achieve maximum deadliness on the battlefield.

However, Doom added another satisfying way of dealing with your enemies. All of the enemies can be stunned, and each time they’re stunned, you can perform a coup de grace on them. Tear off their jaws, strip their arms off their bodies and beat them with it, break their necks – there’s a variety of ways of taking down the opposition, depending on the angle of your approach. You will also get a chainsaw for an instant kill on the enemies. And each time you perform a special finishing move, you will be healed – a game’s way to rewarding absolute madness and brutality.

Lastly, the game offers you a multiplayer mode. However interesting the idea is, the multiplayer is rather uninspiring, and it cannot replace the experience of slaying hordes of monsters in the campaign. However, a rather engaging feature is Snap Map, a mode that enables you to create or copy maps from single player and multiplayer to create your own stages. The creating element is very intuitive and helps the player in every way, so you can easily create your own battle arenas to play in and share with your friends.


All in all, if you’re after something to relax you after a bad day at the office, and you feel like biting a few heads off, then go for DOOM – because you can never get enough demon blood on you.