If you love playing Dishonored, you’ll definitely love playing Arkane Studio’s bloody first-person shooter game, Prey. The game provides both new and nostalgic feeling at once, with a wonderfully explorable sci-fi environment featuring a lot of interactions and surprises lurking behind. Since it’s a first-person shooter, you can expect blood, a bit of bad language, and partial nudity. You can also enjoy the game’s online play mode.

What is Prey?

Prey is a sci-fi first-person shooter set on a massive space station Talos 1 upon which a terrible event has occurred. Most of the crew are dead, and you’ll find yourself battling against alien creatures that roam around the station’s facilities.

The game comes with a lot of guns and fantastic combat abilities; however, you have the option of avoiding violent confrontations throughout most of the game. That said, even if you don’t resort to killing, you’ll still come across a lot of blood, piles of dead bodies, and murder scenes. You also will need to make several choices with no clear answers whatsoever. The choices you make will impact the progression of your story and will determine whether your character is that of a good guy, a bad one, or in between.

Game Progression

The game’s story allows you to explore the Talos station whenever you like. You can enjoy certain activities such as solving puzzles for unlocking and accessing new areas, looking for alternate routes, and more. You also have the option of using stealth to avoid alien confrontation, or employing an array of weapons and combat abilities to wipe them out. However, the biggest challenge lies in the process of unlocking the mysteries within the station, the alien’s objectives, and figuring out your true identity.

The game’s main quest, and a lot of side quests, could give you up to 40 or 50 hours of gameplay – with most of them sending you back and forth the same zones repeatedly. Although you can see the same facilities over and over again, you will be able to unlock new abilities that will let you access new zones as the game progresses.

Design and Quality

Overall, the game packs an excellent visual style and design. You can also expect immersive soundtrack and fun abilities which you can unlock as the game progresses. However, the game stands out with its emphasis on making moral choices, excellent storyline, and freedom to explore. There are no infinite endings resulting from a nearly limitless amount of player decisions, although the story progresses depending on the overall tone of your decisions.

Another excellent aspect of the game comes from its exploration and action. The ability to use various tools and abilities to unlock new zones, bypass obstacles, and discover various nooks and crannies is downright satisfying. Combat-wise, the game progresses from a sloppy start which will then start to improve significantly as you start earning and unlocking new and powerful abilities.


  • Excellent design
  • Immersive audio
  • Fun and exciting puzzle solving experience


  • Somewhat lacking main storyline
  • A bit sloppy combat start


Arkane has been known to provide excellent games, and Prey is not an exception. There are plenty of things waiting for you to explore in the vast expanse of Talos. The problem with the game is that its story is inconsistent, but it does make up for its outstanding gameplay.