Red Dead Redemption

Despite the intriguing history of the Wild West, there aren’t a huge number of excellent western-themed video games out there. While there are a few companies that attempt to make their own version of a game, none of them were able to stand out from the crowd. A number of western-themed games were unsuccessful, except for one – the Red Dead Redemption which is developed by Rockstar Games, the same makers of the famous Grand Theft Auto series.

What is Red Dead Redemption?

It’s basically the spiritual successor to Red Dead Revolver which was launched back in 2004. Although both games share the same western setting, they aren’t connected whatsoever. The story begins with a mysterious cowboy that goes by the name of John Marston, an old-time gunslinger who, due to some poor choices in the past, has been stuck in a tight spot mainly because the government held his family captive. And the only way he can set them free is to work as the government’s lapdog and track down his former gang mates.

Though the story and scripts aren’t on par with that of GTA’s, you can expect some amazing moments and a unique ending.

Game Progression

The game progresses with you playing as John Marston, and the feel is pretty much like that of GTA except that the game’s set in 1911. You start off with an easy mission that will help you get used to the controls and learn the basics of the game. Afterwards, the story will then branch off into various areas and you’ll soon start working with/for an array of characters. The Red Dead Redemption will take you through vintage towns and villages where you can purchase equipment and items, play mini-games, or just shoot anyone you come across.

As you move along mission after mission, you’ll find the world of RDR adapting to your fame. The matter of ethics and morality will be left for you to choose. If you want to play the part of an abusive and violent outlaw, that’s your choice. Others might want to help those who are in need and gain an honourable fame. The game, however, comes with a legal system that will keep violence in check.

Design and Quality

The developers of the game made sure to pay close attention to details, and it’s visible in the game’s breath-taking design. The animations of the game’s elements are just like the real thing – with clouds creating shadows as they move through the sky, characters that have distinctive accents and dialects of their own, and more.

As a sandbox game, you can expect freedom in doing anything you want in the game. You can either live off the land hunting wild animals, be part of an armed group and save a homestead, and more. There’s never a shortage of activities in the RDR world!


  • Amazing graphic and gameplay
  • Environment that adapts to your playstyle
  • Open voice chat for online interaction
  • Tons of activities you can take part in
  • Single player and multiplayer mode


  • Full of violence, nudity, gore, and strong language making it inappropriate for kids
  • Some occasional bugs or visual glitches


If you have a penchant for Western-themed games, or like to engage in a fun and exciting sandbox gaming experience, you should give Red Dead Redemption a try. Rockstar Games really has put a lot of effort in making the game one of the best Western-themed games there is. Without a doubt, the game is a masterpiece that will keep you excited and thrilled from start to finish.