TitanFall 2

Titanfall 2 is the sequel of Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall, a popular first-person shooter game packed with acrobatic and intense action. Though not as innovative as its prequel, Titanfall 2 is still able to gather a wide audience with its full campaign component and a revised multiplayer system.

What is Titanfall 2?

Titanfall 2 is Titanfall’s sequel with added content, features, and a lot of customization options. Aside from that, the game comes with a single player campaign that expands on the first game’s lore. On the game’s multiplayer aspect, there are new and returning game modes such as Last Pilot Standing, Bounty Hunt, and Amped Attrition which supports around 10 to 16 players. You also have the option of creating your own Network where players sharing the same interests, goals, and play styles could gather.

Game Progression

You start the campaign as Jack Cooper, a rifleman who has been given control of the Vanguard-class Titan named BT-7274 after being stranded in the planet Typhon following the crash of their starship due to an ambush by the mega-corp IMC. They come as a good pair, with BT’s artificial intelligence featuring a dry and logical personality, while Jack features a relatable personality who barely knows anything about being a pilot or a hero. Together, the two strive to survive behind enemy lines.

At first, the campaign will feel rather generic and monotonous. However, as the game progresses, it will swerve to a surprising and magnificent experience. The game’s campaign outplays that of Advanced Warfare or Doom since it allows the players to express themselves as they play.

Design and Quality

The game features Half Life’s set piece design, Bulletstorm’s wild acrobatics, Binary Domain’s brutality, and Vanquish’s blinding speed. It’s basically a combination of the elements of the said games pieced into one.

With the game’s excellent storyline, improved multiplayer feature, and new and improved abilities, the sequel has been a huge improvement on the original. Aside from the campaign, the game’s multiplayer feature opens up a whole new world of options which you can’t find from the original. New additions allow you to launch yourself up in the air or catapult yourself away from danger. There are also new Titan models available to choose from, such as the Ronin, the Scorch, the Northstar, and more. Once you’ve chosen your Pilot and Titan, you can then customize them to your liking, with a wide range of decals, paint jobs, and more to choose from.


  • Engaging storyline and solo campaign
  • Excellent details and superb combat
  • Improved multiplayer from the original
  • A lot of customization options available


  • Great visuals, but not as great as the ones you’ll see this year
  • Burn Cards system has been removed


Titanfall 2’s campaign is without a doubt one of the best campaigns you could ever immerse yourself in. It’s well-thought, fast-paced, and action-packed. And although it’s the game’s speed and action that reels you in, you’ll definitely find the campaign to be quite memorable. Pair that with its multiplayer feature, and you’ll have an excellent FPS to play for hours on end.