Watch Dogs 2

By expanding a lot on the game’s prequel and putting a lot of exciting elements to the mix, Watch Dogs 2 was able to impress a wide range of audience with its open world design and the ability to complete your objectives in a lot of ways. Created by Ubisoft Montreal, the sequel features an open world action adventure in the San Francisco Bay Area, the suburbs of Palo Alto, and the outskirts of Oakland.

What is Watch Dogs 2?

Watch Dogs 2 is an open-world hacker adventure set in the near-future city of San Francisco. The game has potential for extreme violence, although it is possible to finish the game without even causing a single ruckus. You have a choice of either brutally killing people with the help of a range of weapons or through road rage accidents with a car, or ditching those killing machines and engage in stealth and subterfuge to complete your objectives.

You can expect a lot of strong language, violence, drug and alcohol use, and even nudity but without sex. The narrative also tackles aspects such as transgenderism, racism, and other social repression.

Game Progression

You play the game as San Franciscan hacker Marcus Holloway in a near-future setting which depicts the Bay Area as under the control of ctOS 2.0, an advanced infrastructure that surveils everything from cameras to traffic lights while gathering personal information on the citizens’ for exploitations.

You enlist yourself in a group of hacktivists known as DedSec, and work collectively in order to expose the activities made by some of San Francisco’s biggest tech firms. Your missions include infiltration of facilities through either violence or stealth, using powerful hacking abilities to gain access to highly secured rooms, and employing spy drones. The entire game can be achieved violently or peacefully, and you have the freedom to explore the entirety of San Francisco and other nearby areas while engaging yourself in a wide range of activities apart from your main missions.

Design and Quality

The game looks great, vibrant, colourful, and is inspired by the use of hacker iconography. You can expect detailed visuals, most major landmarks placed in their real-life locations, and a fun and diverse place you can explore. While the game is M-rated, it doesn’t have a morality system that will punish you for violent behaviour, which only means that it is entirely up to you how you choose to play Marcus – inclining to either a violent or non-lethal playstyle.

Then there’s the multiplayer feature where you can invite friends for co-op gameplay or go against other hackers.


  • Open world adventure for more freedom
  • Exciting and amazing mission design
  • Fun side activities
  • Great writing


  • Lacklustre AI
  • Movement doesn’t seem too fluid


Watch Dogs 2 is definitely a huge leap from the original Watch Dogs, incorporating a real sense of fun and freedom than before. The game’s mission design is a lot less generic, the action more solid, and the ability to choose whether to resort to violence or stealth is more than enough reason to try out this game. Although it’s not free of negative feedback, you can expect a detailed and fun open-world hacking adventure.