South Park Slot


South Park slot is a NetEnt developed game licensed by the South Park franchise which is a tv-show first aired in 1997 by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The slot game features everyone’s favourite characters from the show, including Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman and even Ike. This slot has a 96.7% RTP which is huge for a big name game, this RTP is comparable to games such as Avalon II. The game has a number of very interesting bonus games and bonus spin mechanics which make the gameplay particularly interesting. Unfortunately at the time of posting of this review, it seems that the game is down for maintenance or offline.

Bonus Features

There are 4 bonus games in South Park slot. All of the bonus games are based on an event in an actual episode of South Park and when triggered play a short clip from the show before the round begins. These games begin when you get at least 2 bonus symbols in conjunction with a Stan, Kyle, Cartman or Kenny bonus symbol. The Kyle bonus spin game feature Kyle and his baby brother Ike. This bonus spin round gives you 10 free spins and anytime a wild lands in reel 5—now taking the appearance of an Ike wild symbol, with Ike’s face—Kyle will “kick the baby” and Ike can randomly land in one of 5 spots offering either coin bonuses, multipliers or 3 re-spins. Stan bonus spin starts off with a double stack sticky wild in the centre of the screen. Sticky wilds can appear in any reel during the duration of this bonus game and when they do players get a re-spin until the wild disappears. The aim is to continue the chain of wilds for as long as possible and each time you land a new one Kyle throws up on Wendy’s face. In the Kenny bonus game you randomly select one of 3 positions on the road, awarding players bonus coins, multipliers or—if you’re unlucky—a moving vehicle which kills Kenny and ends the bonus round. In the Cartman bonus round you attempt to spray hippies behind bushes with a fire extinguisher. Depending on who you hit, which is random, players are awarded with bonus coins, a 2 times multiplier, a bonus round reset or a bonus game over.

Conclusions and Impressions

I spent a lot of time talking about the bonus round features of South Park slot which are intricate and exciting for players with a possibility to pay out in certain instances, however, I want to take the brief time here to highlight some more negative features. The pay outs on main character symbols are very low compared to other slot games and when they’re hit they don’t trigger any exciting 3D effects, rather just a cameo. The music is uninteresting because the theme song in the show was done by Primus, so unless you get the same music for the slot it’ll necessarily be a disappointment. Other than that the slot is very fun, has a high RTP despite the low pay out and will be a favourite of any South Park fan out there.