Wonky Wabbits Slot

Everyone who enjoys the world of online casinos has probably by now heard of the Wonky Wabbits Slot. This game is a video slot that was created by NetEnt with the intention of creating a fun, 15-payline game that would impress a lot of people. The first symbol that will probably really get player’s attention is the Wild symbol which is a purple one with the word Wild written in yellow. Behind this symbol is a wild rabbit just waiting to say hello to players. Players will be able to find this game at any number of NetEnt casinos, where they will have the chance to win and lose some real money.

Of course, before players even think about starting the little bunny adventure, they should first make sure the bet is adjusted to just the way they need it to be. In this game, the coin value can go anywhere between 0.01 and 0.5 for bets. Players can set the coin value amount by simply pushing on the coin value selector and then they can change up the coin value using the level selector in that are of the game.

Like many other slots, to begin playing the game, all a player has to do is hit the spin button and the reels will start turning. Of course, players are also able to use auto play, so as to make the reels keep going all on their own. Another option available to players in this game is the Max Bet, this is the options players pick if they want to use the highest possible coin value for their game.

In this Wonky Wabbits game, if the player is able to land a wild, they will notice that it becomes copied, so as to make the largest possible win for the player. Unfortunately, the only possibility a player has of getting two stacked wilds on the reels is when they end up on reels four and two. Of course, this means that there can only be up to 14 wilds that show up on the reels after the time of a wild duplication has occurred. Also, players might be happy to know that if there are 5 Carrot symbols that show up on any active payline, they will be given 1500 coins as a reward.

Final Thoughts on Wonky Wabbits

This Wonky Wabbits Slot is exactly the type of cute and funny game that a lot of players have been searching for. However, this game probably isn’t for everyone, given its theme.

With 15-paylines and all of the different bonuses that come with this game, there is a lot to be admired. Some players have said that the theme gets boring quite quickly, but like with most casino games, it is not about the theme, it is all about how much money a player can win. Although, given the odds of winning something in this game, it is all in all, a pretty decent game to play for those that are fans of casino games.