Spelunky has players all over at the edge of their seats. Players playing this game will get the chance to see as the snake strikes out using a stream of acid that seems to be calculated. Explorers that are smart will know that this is a dangerous thing and they will keep their distance. Players will have to be sure to time their movements correctly in order to attack the snack during the moments that it is most vulnerable. Players that have this knowledge hidden away will be able to move toward the snake on the ready to kill as they go further into a mine, at which point the players will be surprised by a spider that has been hiding above them waiting to attack.

The game certainly keeps players on their toes, making sure that they are never in the know for when their lives might come to an unwelcome end. This game has players anxious constantly awaiting their deaths which will probably come every five minutes. This is probably why some find the game to fit perfectly on the Vita. Players are sure to be consumed by this life-threatening extreme gaming experience.

Players that are entering the mine that is underground will be taken aback by the random levels that were created with loads of traps, enemies and best of all, treasure. To some players, Spelunky will probably at first seem like any other 2D game that they have previously encountered, but then they will find themselves whipping snakes, leaping over ravines, coming to the rescue of damsels, going through merciless traps and fighting off death along the way.

Players might accidentally set off a trap or get thrown off by a swarm of bats and witness punishment beyond comprehension. Unfortunately for the players, as soon as a player dies, they must start all over from the very beginning of the game. This might make some players a little more the raging mad, being that all of the cash that they had gotten and all of the items they had collected will vanish into thin air at the moment of death.

Even though that might make the game seem not worth the effort that was just put into it, players are able to keep the information that they get along the way in the game, no matter how many times they die, and that is actually how their progress is measured. The very first time that a player comes across an arrow trap, they will actually fall past the trap, only to end up landing on the shaft which is feathered. However, players will not be so ignorant the next time they come across the trap. If a player drops a rock or even drops a dead caveman onto the trap in order to activate the barrage, they will be able to walk past the trap.

Final Thoughts on Spelunky

In the beginning of the Spelunky game, some players might be fooled into thinking that the game is not so good or original. However, the game becomes very entrancing and players will not be able to stop once they have gotten to the good parts of the game, making this game a great game for everyone to play.