There are a lot of games out there that were created to be an interactive world full of options and potential that is untapped, however, the Terraria game captures this attempt in a way that few games have ever been able to. Players are at first dropped into a world of 2D pixel animation and they are given tools. They are then told to have fun exploring, digging, building and even surviving. Players are able to have even more hours lost in this amazing game, now that it has been put on so many different consoles. Players can have fun mining for ore or even play with up to 3 different friends at the same time using the same screen.

Since this game was released for the PC during 2011, it has actually been referred to by a lot of players as a 2D Minecraft. For some players, this might seem to be an unfair comparison, but to others, the structures in the game look amazingly similar to Minecraft. Of course, the two games are also very similar when considering the fact that players will progress through the game by cutting down trees, digging through the dirt, getting stone by mining, and fighting countless monsters along the way.

Of course, players are able to collect the materials from the objects that they cut through and mine and use them for creating or building new items. Players will find that they are able to use their wood in order to create some cool looking platforms or even shelters, they can use the ore in order to build up their collection of tools and armor and they can even make use of the cobwebs hanging around for fabric. Terraria certainly offers players many different interesting opportunities to have fun and the fun starts out with just a few essential tools and some normal looking trees, making players have to rely on their own skill sets during the game.

Unlike the PC version of the game, which just dropped players into a random world without giving them any instructions to follow, the newer versions of the game take the players through a tutorial that will help players with becoming more acquainted with their tools, gathering resources, going back and forth from different environments and creating lasting shelter. These are all things that players should have some knowledge in if they want to survive their first night during this adventure. The newer versions of the game also help players out by giving them a primer on their crafting items.

Final Thoughts on Terraria

Terraria is certainly not lacking when it comes to the content that it provides players. Players who have played the game have spent hours on end just mining and fighting monsters. There is no end to the entertainment that is able to be found when playing this game. Sure, this game is probably not something everyone would enjoy but is certainly is a game most players would enjoy, especially players that are looking for a game that is a lot like Minecraft.