Valiant Hearts The Great War

Many players would say that Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a game that actually is able to capture the sensitivity behind a war, along with the human nature of it. This game takes place during World War 1 and the game itself actually goes into more detail as far as the characters are concerned, rather than going into detail about the war or the politics that had revolved around the war. Of course, there are a few mistakes that the developers of the game made along the way, but all in all, they actually do a good job of capturing the truth of the story along with having created characters that are endearing, spectacular art and loads of adventure. This game actually takes a war that was disastrous and turns it into a pretty amazing game, while still making sure to capture the essence of the war itself.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War starts off by letting the player clearly know that the story is not just about good fighting evil. The character Karl, known for being a German citizen who currently resides in France along with both his spouse and their baby, is all of a sudden separated from all of his family and then he is put back in Germany and is forced to go into the war. During this point in the game, Karl’s father-in-law is all of a sudden sent to work for France on the war front. Unfortunately, neither of them had a choice in the matter.

Throughout the game, players will play the father-in-law, Karl, a Belgian nurse, and Freddie who is an American that has decided to team up with the forces in France. Players will soon realize that the characters they get to play in the game are not very similar to any of the action heroes they have grown accustomed to playing. While going through the stages of the game, the players will have the chance to solve environmental puzzles in order to continue on with the game. Of course, the puzzles are not everyday puzzles, they let the player do things like toss items at enemies in order to distract them and sometimes the game will let the player tell their dog commands to follow in order to complete a task.

Final Thoughts on Valiant Hearts The Great War

Valiant Hearts The Great War has an amazing world to show it’s players. However, the story isn’t as cohesive as some of the players would probably like. Of course, some players also might feel that the storyline is too overused by games these days, having a husband who is seeking to destroy the forces which killed his wife. All in all, though, this game is pretty amazing, and there really is nothing that players can actually say is wrong with it. It certainly does put a nice twist on a war that was devastating to many different families all across the world, giving many players a chance to see the war from a different point of view.