Mass Effect 2 

Enjoyed playing Mass Effect and played it until the end? If so, then you will definitely love playing Mass Effect 2. Brought on by the same developer, BioWare, the game is a sequel to the acclaimed Mass Effect game, with a ton of improvements added. To date, Mass Effect 2 is BioWare’s most fully realized work. The game will leave you feeling like you’re not just interacting with physics, but with the narrative of the game itself.

What is Mass Effect 2?

Mass Effect 2 is yet another unique concept which continues the saga of Commander Shepard in the previous game. You are allowed to import your character data from the previous game, and embark on yet another intergalactic journey. You take on the role of Commander Shepard and it will be your task to save the galaxy from the plans of an advanced race of machines called Reapers who will stop at nothing to wipe the entire humanity clean. In Mass Effect 2, you once again get in touch with the characters that you’ve interacted with in the previous game. Although you’ll have a hard time remembering them, you’ll be able to recall some bits of your memories after a few conversations. Some will give you their thanks, and some will provide you with a bunch of side quests.


Combat in Mass Effect 2 is considered to be an improved version of its predecessor. The old health system is now replaced with a conventional shields and health affair. Moreover, you will now be facing concerns over your ammo quantity than the ammo overheating. A lot of options such as equipment and weapon selection are now streamlined. The duck and cover system has been improved than before, with Shepard running, ducking, and aiming with more accuracy and grace.

While the previous Mass Effect game’s combat was a bit bland and monotonous, Mass Effect 2 promises to bring a more exciting system. The enemy AI has been made a lot bitter, with your enemies putting up a good fight despite the presence of an improved duck and cover system. Allied AI is just as good, removing the worry of having to micro-manage your allies every time you’re on combat mode.

Design and Quality

Mass Effect 2 is really good. Aside from the enhanced graphics and gameplay from the first game, its third-person shooter style plays a huge role allowing players to choose characters that suit their playstyle. There are also tons of futuristic weapons and abilities you can choose from, along with different styles to fight your enemies. Enemy AI is made quicker, smarter, and much harder to beat than before. It’s without a doubt a really fun and great-looking action RPG you can play for hours.


  • Enhanced graphics and various play styles available
  • Advanced enemy and ally AI
  • Immersive gameplay and storyline


  • Somewhat unsatisfying final boss fight and final ending


The thing with Mass Effect 2 is that such amazing games don’t come around often. The game’s excellent acting, amazing soundtrack, high quality visuals, and several other features are definitely a cut above the rest. Perhaps the most impressive thing about the game is that it only suffered from very few technical issues.