The Elders Scroll V: Skyrim

With The Elders Scroll V: Skyrim about to be released on Nintendo Switch later on this year, it is no surprise that this game originally released in 2011 is on everyone’s mind and lips again.

The fifth instalment of Elders Scroll is simply superb, and pays homage to its predecessors in a way that excels and surpasses them.

Originally released for PC (Windows), PS3 and Xbox 360, and re-released for Xbox one and PS4 last year, it is testament to how this game has become a global phenomenon. This modern day RPG will have you; as a gamer steadily glued to your screen, finding no good reason to ever leave it. As a result, we would just like to put out a warning disclaimer that this game may cause your social life and relationships to suffer. It won’t be your fault though, because you won’t have any control whatsoever, at least that is what you can tell them.

Elders Scroll is a formidable force within the RPG theme, and Skyrim certainly doesn’t let that legacy down. With a creatively well-thought out and meticulously crafted open world universe, Elders Scroll sets you on an incredible quest of adventure, intense battles that will fuel every player’s hero complex and a massive, immersive world that will suck you in.

What makes Elders Scroll V: Skyrim so great

Living up to such a well established game series with an established base of fans; who already love it is very hard. However, Bethesda has certainly managed to develop a game that not only lives up to its predecessors hype, but builds and expands on it too.

We all know that Elders Scroll has some great visuals and graphics, an adequate storyline, and some vigorous battles scenes, which all help it; to hold down its own. What truly sets Elders Scroll apart from its other RPG counterparts is the Universe it has managed to create. Think about it? What makes Game of Thrones or even Lord of The Rings such huge successes? It is their well crafted universes,  which come complete with amazing locations, exhilarating back stories and lore, and a sense of imagination that your mind can’t help but get invested in.

Skyrim, is no different from its predecessor Oblivion; in that it sets out to carry on that universe. Aesthetically Skyrim is very similar to Oblivion; however, it is good to note that the graphics have been bumped up a notch. You might however still experience glitches such as characters talking over each other, and still following a very simple console format. In the newer editions, Released for PS4 and Xbox one, the game’s scene changes load a lot faster, this means there are fewer screen pauses and a smoother flow in the storyline.

Skyrim, sets off 200 years after all the events that took place in Oblivion. Skyrim is a province of the Empire, where there has been a war and divide amongst two fractions within the continent of Tamriel. In Skyrim the protagonist is a prisoner on his way to being executed, during an altercation, he is able to escape, and there the adventure begins. The Elders Scroll must be praised for its ability to allow players to completely choose their paths. You are ultimately in control of the type of hero you wish to become, if a hero at all.